Saturday, June 23, 2012

Link Dump

My full review of LIMBO is pending me completing the game again.  In the meantime, here's a bunch of links to video-games and video game related items:

Magical Game Time:
I just got linked to this comic and I am now a fan.  It's a wonderful blend of humor, imagination and nostalgia that is very close to how I feel about the video games of my childhood.  The artist has a similar taste to mine, based on the games he chooses to reference.  The art is rough, but very expressive.  

Video games as poetry. I really enjoyed playing this game. Today I die is one of the first truly independent games I played during my recent phase of indie game playing.  Free to play, in-browser.

This game is a simple platformer, doesn't take long to beat. It's a rough game, not a big show, like Braid or Limbo.  But this game really gets its concept across, and it is totally awesome.  I highly recommend it.  Actually, I think this was the first indie game I played.  Free to download.  $5 on Steam for the HD version.  

I've already mentioned this one in a previous post.  But I thought I should include it while I'm posting free online games.  This game is a silly, violent and clever tribute to NES games.  Lots of fun.  

Cave Story is utterly charming. I think this is the best Retro Game I have played.  It isn't the first indie game I played, but it is probably the best and most complete.  Beyond simple nostalgia, the game has some clever and well-implemented mechanics and plenty of those little touches that make a good game into more than the sum of its parts. 

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