Saturday, June 9, 2012

First Impressions: VVVVVV

So, on this lovely, windy, Saturday morning, I decided to give VVVVVV a shot. Played for 45 mins. I was very pleased with what I found.
  1. Minimalism: this game has got it. Good Minimalism. For Example: 
  2. There are four buttons. Left, Right, Action, Menu. That is all. 
  3. It looks like something between an Atari 2600 game and an NES game, which I realize may be a wider field that I previously gave it credit for. 
  4. Level design. This game has got it! And it is informed by the minimalism. I am consistently stimulated by each screen. This game keeps me on my toes. The designers don't seem to have any trouble keeping it interesting within the limits they've set. 
  5. Fine touches. This game has a number of little, not terribly important things, that add depth to the game. I really appreciate it. 
  6. And it's got a kickin' soundtrack too! 



  1. I think I played about the same amount of time and came to very similar conclusions. I like that the screens were very reminiscent of Atari 2600. I also really like that there's a world map of sorts that seems like a mix between a "Legend of Zelda" map and the mapping from "Super Metroid." Again, it tells you enough, but is still "minimalist" enough that it fits within the game.

    For me, I feel that it'll be one of those games that when I don't know what to play, I'll play it for about 30 minutes, of which the first 10 will be spent figuring out what I was doing the last time I played.

  2. Yes! the kids call it "Metroidvania" style. I love the map options, and I love the menu options. I was just pleasantly surprised because I had just expected much more limited game play, and I was treated to some exploration.
    And, of course, the best part of reviewing these indie games is that they are all inexpensive, so cost doesn't really come into it for me.