Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First Impressions: LIMBO

On Friday I got sick, and by Saturday evening, I had played through and beaten LIMBO.  Here are some notes on my gaming experience:

  1. I cheated twice.  I looked up solutions on the internet to two puzzles.  I am not ashamed.
  2. When I got to the end, I said "I'm definitely playing through this game again."  Without cheating.  
  3. The Atmosphere of this game is fantastic.  I give the game maximum score for graphics and sound.
  4. I recommend everyone play this game for one hour.  If you're not hooked by then, you're not going to be. 
  5. The spider is so awesome!
  6. My only gripe is with the gameplay is around the controls and a couple of the puzzles.  On the one hand, the limited agility and ability of the player adds to the atmosphere.  On the other hand:   Sometimes it takes away from the atmosphere when I just keep dying over and over again.   The feeble little jumps just aren't satisfying and sometimes I feel like the button response could be just a little tighter.  Maybe it's my PC.   Also: Why does this kid drown in three feet of water?!  Can't he just dog paddle or something?  
  7. No, I don't have any suggestions for solutions to the problems in #6.  Puzzle games are bound to stump  you some of the time.  And everyone who plays it will have a different experience.  I breezed through some puzzles, struggled and was rewarded by feeling smart when I finished other puzzles.  And then some of the puzzles I flipped-off the game and looked it up on the internet.  


  1. I personally am rarely ashamed if I have to look up a solution in video games. This will happen after I've tried to find the solution quite a number of times. I think I'll expand on this thought for my post tomorrow. But yeah, no shame.

  2. Thanks for the no shame vote, Jac! We each have our different levels of puritanism when it comes to games, and I always feel the need to acknowledge it. I don't feel ashamed for looking up solutions, but if I never beat the game without help, that might bother me a little.
    Conkle: I'm so glad you like it!