Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Monthly Update July

Jimminy Jillickers, another month gone by.  

I've been a bad blogger, and I haven't posted much.  I blame the heat.  It's been hot.  June was a hot month, with many days over one hundred degrees.  I work outdoors and I have no air conditioning.  It tires me out.  On top of that, when it's hot, watering the garden becomes a matter of life or death for your plants.  I do all my watering by hand, so it's a slow process.  

In the heat, my computer has a tendency to just turn itself off when overheated, so sometimes I can't even use the thing until late in the evening.  I could play in the morning before work, but I have been wary of getting involved in anything that might absorb too much of my attention before work. 

On my to-play list is Among the Sleep, Mirror's Edge and now Skyrim!  I'm excited to check out the full game of Among the Sleep,  and I've been fighting with Mirror's Edge for some time now.  The fighting areas are just so dang hard!    Skyrim... well, I think I'll save that for a day when I really want to unplug.  I think maybe tomorrow.  

On other notes, I finished Scalped.  It was pretty good and I recommend it.  I also read Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut.  It was also pretty good and I recommend that.  Then I decided to stop reading, and I started watching "True Blood."  

The first season was actually pretty good, much better than I expected.  But after a while, I lost interest.  It just sort of boils down to really attractive people with southern accents, convoluted plots and cliffhangers at the end of ever.single.episode.  It gets pretty tiresome.  The characters are pretty good, but you can get all you need from just one season.  

Geez, I really don't have much else to say right now.  But I always have something to say, I just can't seem to access it. I guess I'll leave you with 'Game of Thrones if it were on VHS."  Alternative Game of Thrones title sequences are a pretty popular thing now, and some of them are pretty cool.  This one cracked me up.  

The Font, the Headshots (with smiles), the Music.  Pretty good stuff.


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