Wednesday, July 23, 2014

MIDI Week Singles: Opening Theme - Final Fantasy (NES)

Welcome to MIDI Week Singles!

My plan is that the post today will turn into a weekly thing, somewhat similar to the Game Scores posts where I highlight a video game soundtrack that I really love or have a high regard for, but on a singular scale where I only talk about one song from an entire album.

Some of the tracks that I plan to highlight might be well known songs such as the opening theme from Mega Man II/2 or more obscure titles like "Stage 1 & 4" from the 1988 NES game Jackal.  The whole point will be, "Hey, I like this song from this game."  That will be all there is to it.  There might be an analysis of some (or none) of the songs or an in depth look at a particular usage of a single track over the years (main theme from The Legend of Zelda), but as of now, it will be a bare bones outlet for sharing something that I like, which also is one of the reasons why Dr. Potts and I continue to write for you, our wonderful reader(s).

And there might be some self-deprecation thrown in for good measure; as if that'll do any good.

So on this, the inaugural MIDI Week Singles, I would like to share the song that first sparked my interest into video game music.  

"Opening Theme" Final Fantasy.  Nintendo Entertainment System - 1987
Record Label: DataM/Polystar; NTT Publishing
Music composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

This song, right here.  Sure it is a little cliched to not only list a song from a Final Fantasy game and music composed by Nobuo Uematsu, but damn it, this is how I knew that I loved video game music.  Sure I had already listened to the "Above Ground BGM" from Super Mario Bros. and the "Overworld" theme from The Legend of Zelda by the time I heard this song, but something about the simplicity of the melody made an impression with me.

I know what you might be thinking.  Yes this is what most people think of as the "Main Theme" from Final Fantasy, but when the game was released back in 1987, no precedent had been set, being the first and only game (at the time), where as the "Main Theme" for this, the first Final Fantasy game, would be more commonly known as the overworld theme.  You get the idea though.

Thank you for sharing with me this, the first in hopefully a long line of MIDI Week Singles and I hope you look forward to next weeks posting.


P.S.  I also wanted to say that just because "MIDI" is in the title doesn't mean that I will be sticking to video game soundtracks that were recorded using MIDI.  I will also be using scores that have used live orchestras and I will probably even branch out and talk about arranged video game music.

And a big "Thank You" goes to Conklederp who was beyond patient with me while writing this article and was the one who came up with the title for these future posts.

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