Wednesday, July 30, 2014

MIDI Week Singles: Triceratops Trot - Jurassic Park (SNES)

Welcome back to another edition of MIDI Week Singles.  Last week was the inaugural article where I talked about what is currently known as the Main Theme from the Final Fantasy series, specifically the first game in the series.  This week I thought I was going a little more obscure, until I came back with 14 hits on youtube, but I'm still going to cover the song because it's just that catchy!

"Triceratops Trot" from Jurassic Park.  Super Nintendo Entertainment System - 1994
No Official Soundtrack Release
Game Developer: Ocean Software
Music Composed by: Jonathan Dunn

No, Jurassic Park on the SNES was not a particularly great game with it's greatest setback being that there was no save/password feature so the game had to be completed in a single 3 hour sitting.  That was something that I never had the stamina for.

But we're here to talk about Jonathan Dunn's "Triceratops Trot."  I admit that the song strikes a chord with me that is 80% nostalgia and 20% catchy SNES music times.  I'm sure that at the time (meaning 1994), the song fit perfectly well within the Jurassic Park world where Dr. Alan Grant goes on a massive Dinosaur murder spree, but I just think it's too damn catchy for this game.  And it doesn't even touch anything that John Williams wrote for the movie, but here, in and out of this game, I really like this song.

The melody just brings me back to being in junior high playing this game during some afternoon after Saturday cartoons had long been over and Mom's bacon pancakes/waffles had since been eaten, so why not play the game for an hour then give up knowing that there was so much more to do and I really didn't want to go any farther.  Maybe the reason I played the game so much, even without finishing, was because of the music?

Either way, "Triceratops Trot" was easily one of my favorite from both the game and unreleased soundtrack, which you should give a listen to if this has peaked your interest at all.  Although this does beg the question, "If there was no official soundtrack, how are the songs from the game so semi-universally known?"  Unfortunately, I have no answer for that.


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  1. That song is great! And I have few memories of this game, so it's not nostalgia. Unfortunately, my internet is acting strange, so I can't seem to listen to the soundtrack.