Saturday, December 21, 2013

Free Indie Titles I have played recently


Flash Game.  I feel bad giving away anything about these games, sometimes.  But I'll tell you that Chatchat is an online multiplayer game, where you play as a cat.  If that appeals to you at all, I suggest you go play.

Here is a review of chatchat that I think encapsulates the play experience nicely.

I originally found this game through an article at Indie Games Magazine.  This one you will have to download.  It is available for Mac and PC.  I guess that this is a Zelda-like.  It's pretty cool, and pretty darn lo-fi.  I don't play a lot of these low-fi games, so I'm having fun with it.  The teleporter item is awesome.  I like it when games drop you in and give you very little direction.  As long as they're not too hard to figure out.
It took me three plays and about an hour of play time to complete.  The second time through I got stuck, but I learned most of what I needed to know in the first to plays, and managed to finish on the third time.  One piece of advice I can give before embarking on this game is to conserve your bombs, you don't want to get stuck with no bombs when you really need one.

if you like this game, there is also sequel.

Lesbian spider queens of mars

A Free Flash Game.  This game plays like an 80's arcade game.  The only controls are up,down,left,right.  The pace increases frantically, and there are small details that change between levels, even though the overall level designs are similar.  Great cinema graphics too.

*beware of loud advertisements*


Verge is a free flash game I originally played on the Winnitron SJ at the cooperative gaming co-op, around this time last year.  It's a nice looking platformer, with very basic controls, and an interesting atmosphere.  There is a world on the reverse side of the normal world, where everything is upside down, and the way you get to it is you die.  Later there are also pools you can enter which are gates to the reverse world.  This mechanic and some switches and blocks build the puzzles.  There is also a really nice, haunting piano melody for the bgm.  Check it out if you like 2d platformers in a 16-bit style with an edgy atmosphere.  


P.S. if you're going to play any of these sorts of free games using a gamepad, you will want to download Joy To Key.


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