Monday, December 9, 2013

And Thus, Do We Begin Anew?

Roughly 68 hours is the amount of time that I've currently invested in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.  That's quite a bit of time, but not necessarily so for a sandbox game (do sandboxes still exist?).  That being said, I just started doing the main quest portion of the game.  Whut!?  For those who have not played Morrowind, I was told by the main quest giver to go out in the world and learn some things, gain some experience before coming back.  I took that shit to heart and now Valgrin of Markarth has become the guildmaster of the Fighter's Guild in Vvardenfell.  With the exception of an in-game week spent trudging around Solstheim, most of my time was spent trudging throughout Vvardenfell, typically to areas that I could not travel to either by boat or Silt Strider.

So I feel like I am at a crossroads of sorts.  For nearly 70 hours I have been playing as Valgrin of Markarth, a Nord from the Skyrim Province.  The story of Morrowind is that your character, as I currently see it, is The Nerevarine, a reincarnated Dunmer (Dark Elf) general from 1E-416 (roughly 3828 years in the past) who will reunite the fractured houses of Morrowind and banish all outlanders/foreigners.

So here is my dilemma.  Why would a Nord be the one that reunites the houses of the Dunmer?  Wouldn't it make sense for their "savior" to be of Dunmer blood?  Do you think that an entire nation would rally around a foreign born person whom some people believe to be this, Nerevarine?  Not to mention that there are some houses that are purely secular and vehemently oppose the Nerevarine Prophesy.  Why not then create a Dunmer for this story to make sense to me?

This is where I am at.  Also keep in mind that I have only completed the first quest in the main questline. I do not think that Bethesda and Zenimax are foolish enough to create a storyline that would only make sense if you chose a particular race.  I feel that there should/needs to be an explanation as to why the Nerevarine could potentially be a female Breton who dabbles in magic and not the expected male Dunmer tank.  I need to believe that this is possible.

Last night upon realizing that in the main quest that my character would most likely be the Nerevarine, I saved the game, paused it, looked over at Conklederp and simply said, "Ah, well shit."  I then tried to explain my feelings without sounding like a complete anal retentive idiot.  I think I may have succeeded.  So I went ahead and created a new character who would follow a different path than Valgrin.
I present to you Tal'aq Nevalu.  A Dunmer, originally from Firewatch in the North-East of the Morrowind Province.  In 3E-412 Tal'aq was imprisoned in the Cyrodiil after attempting to steal from an Imperial caravan headed for the Imperial fort.  Of the five theives that attacked the caravan, three were killed, one escaped and Tal'aq was captured.  Because two Imperials were killed during the skirmish, Tal'aq was sent to the Imperial capital to be imprisoned for crimes against the empire.  Tal'aq spent 15 years in the prisons of the Imperial City, until Uriel Septim VII begins sending those born under a specific birthsign.  In 3E-427, Tal'aq is chosen as one to be sent to Vvardenfell and is given a pardon upon reaching the shores.

While doing research for this article, I have discovered something that might "allow" me to continue to play as Valgrin and complete the main questline.  So Indoril Nerevar died/was killed in 1E-416 during a war with the Dwemer against the Nords at the Battle of Red Mountain.  So, so, SO, it could be possible that Indoril Nerevar could have been reincarnated into the body of a Nord due to their connection around the time of his death.  This little bit, may be the thing that validates using Valgrin for the remainder of the main questline.

That being said/discovered, I don't think I will get rid of Tal'aq Nevalu as I would like to experience the different storylines associated with the Thieves Guild and I might even (eventually) create a mage-type person to complete the quests of the Mage's Guild.  That's just how I like to play.

So thank you Two Boys and Their Blog, for possibly saving me from having to bulk up a new character (although it is a character I like) in order to complete the game and possibly add another 30+ hours before finding out what happens with the main story.  Whew!


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