Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Indie Games and the Return of the Console Wars

Sometimes I slip into an incorrect assumption:  that Indie games are universally accessible to anyone with a computer, regardless of operating system.  This is not so, as there are definitely games, such as Journey, which are console-exclusive.  This has been frustrating for me, so I'm going to write a post about it, to work on the subject a bit, so that I can be better prepared and to avoid disappointment in the future.

To start off with, here's a nice little 7-minute mishmash of indie game promotion supported by some design theory:

I went through this video with a few thoughts.  One:  Wow, look at all those rad games, I can't keep them all straight!  Two:  Wow, look at that crazy atari-graphic style first person game?  What's it called?  I really want to play that game!   Three:  Wow, I'm overwhelmed.  Fourth:  Oh, that bird jumping game looks fun!  I want to play that.  What's it called? 

Jaconian tells me that the bird jumping game is called Tiny Wings, and Conkelderp has it on her ipoodle.  Google, Google, Google...And I found out it was only available on Apple products :P   So this proprietary platform thing happens between handhelds and game consoles vs PC.  Not to mention Linux/Windows/Mac. With big-budget games and little productions as well.

So, it's the Return of the Console Wars.  I guess they never really left.  Truly, it's my own return to the Console Wars.  After some time spent away from gaming, as my re-interest in gaming grows, I realize that I am limited by platform.  Not to mention time and money.    

I would like also to mention that in the description portion of the above youtube video, there are dozens of games listed (all those featured in the video).  So many that it may be overwhelming.  In my next post I will be copying and posting that list, with a brief mention of which platforms each game is available for.  And, over the following months, I will be plundering this list for games to play and to talk about.  Special attention to free games and demos, of course.  


This video was originally shown to me by none other than JP Bruneau.  

Read the TV Tropes breakdown of the Console Wars for a great overview of the subject.

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