Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Emulator Hour: Nintendo 64 - the return

Hey all, so, when I moved into my new place, I discovered an old friend:  My Nintendo 64!

Nintendo 64 was the first video game system I purchased entirely with my own money.  This system was certainly controversial for being cartridge based in a brave new, cd world.  And for the lack of RPGs, which is totally related.  Or at least it seems to be.  The games were also pretty expensive, most being between 60 and 80 bucks, while the Playstation was pitching out hockey pucks at a cool 50 a piece.

No worries or concerns, that just meant I had to love the games I owned all the more.  And I still do!  Waverace, Pilotwings 64, Goldeneye, just to name a few.  I played the ever loving SHIT out of these games.  got all the qualifiers.  Or... almost all of them.  Still no 2 RCP 90s and there's one gold I can't get on Pilotwings.  But I got some pretty high trick attack scores on Waverace.

So, the unfortunate news is that some of my games are lost.  As in I don't know where they are.  I want to believe I gave them away to some needy collector, during a brief period when I was giving away all my worldly possessions.  Or something.  But the thing is, I can't find my copy of Ocarina of Time, the oft declared Greatest Video Game of All Time.  Nor can I find the gold controller I received with my purchase--  You damn well bet I pre-ordered that game!

Actually, I don't really give a shit.  I will probably change my mind about what kinds of shits I give, but at this moment, I can shrug it off.  I'm pretty sure Jaconian has his gold controller (though it was sacrificed during a period of house-wide 1080 Snowboarding competition)  and also his copies of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.  That's good enough for me.  He kept the fires burning and I succumbed to  the darkness.  Oh well.

It's cool, I'm rebuilding.  That is to say, I saw that the website has a bunch of used n64 games for cheap!  I bought Blast Corps, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Excitebike 64, Turok 2 and Body Harvest.  It cost me about as much as it would have cost me to rent those games in 1998.  If you're too young to remember Video Rental, then I'm sorry.  There were some good times to be had in those stacks.

Anyhow-- the nintendo 64 is a real fun machine.  I had great times alone, and I had even more great times with friends.  It was a joy to play these games again and indulge in some nostalgia.  


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  1. Yes I do still have my copies of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask; both first release gold cartridges. I also have the gold N64 controller, but I think that was from Nintendo Power's 100th issue celebration thing.

    I was never able to have the knack for performing tricks in games like Waverace and 1080 that you and Sean had and yes, we went through at least two N64 controllers with 1080's half-pipe trick track.

    Now if I only didn't have such a current/modern TV, I'd be able to hook up my N64 (as well as SNES) and get back to playing some older games. 1st world problem, I know.