Friday, May 15, 2015

Second Impressions: Blackwell Legacy (PC)

Wow, that was fast.  Seriously, it took 3 hours to beat Blackwell Legacy, and it seemed to pass by in a snap.  Nonetheless, Jane and I enjoyed ourselves enough for me to move forward and buy the 'Blackwell Bundle' on Steam for $20, which has the first four games of the series.  Unfortunately, that leads to me re-buying Blackwell Legacy, which is a waste.  Oh well.  I wanted to sample the series first, and I did.  I hear it just gets better from here.

Good story, voice acting, a little buggy.  The puzzles weren't too tough, but there's a cool notebook mechanic that I like.  All in all, I'm hooked, I am excited to see where the series goes from here.  It's a shame the games are so short though.


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  1. Oh, one tiny other criticism: The music, while good, is sometimes too loud, and there is no volume control. I'm willing to bet that this gets fixed in future installments.