Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday: The Post About Monday, Because It's Monday.

Have you guessed that it's Monday yet?  If it's not Monday and you are reading this, then you should probably stop and wait until the next Monday, but continue if you must, I won't judge you.

I wasn't entirely sure what to talk about today as there are a number of topics that I would like to talk about with some of those topics not fully formed yet while others may not be encompassing enough to fill their own post.  This is prime location after all.

First off, The Elder Scrolls Online.  That monster had it's "Early Access" begin last Sunday (March 30th, 2014) and I've managed to put some time into it since then.  I do not have any specific numbers since even though I have the game running through Steam, it's not an official "Steam" game so game time is not calculated.  Maybe it's mentioned somewhere in the "Options" menu in-game, I will have to take a look later.  Anyway, what time I've spent in Tamriel (2E 583) has been a lot of fun and not nearly as crowded as I expected it to be considering what I have seen from other MMOs.  I will give more time to this, probably next week after I've managed to put in more time and explored the world a bit more.  I'm also waiting for Conklederp's copy (which I pre-ordered from Gamestop, shipped to us on April 2nd and is supposed to arrive on April 9th; early access began on March 30th and release date was April 4th. . . sigh) so we can quest together, which she's been looking forward to since becoming casually addicted to Skyrim.  So ESO is going very well.

Renegade Kid, down in Austin, TX began a Kickstarter to crowdfund their game Cult County.  It's a game akin to both Moon and the Dementium series and likewise, was originally slated for release on the 3DS but has since outgrown the limits of that system.  Similar to the amount Shadow of the Eternals' unsuccessful Kickstarter, Cult County is looking to raise $580,000 by May 2nd.  They still have a long way to go (only 5% after 6 days) and I am leary about having my heart strings attached to and heaved overboard as it was with SotE.  With Renegade Kids being at PAX East next week, hopefully there will be a surge in interest for the game and we will see the number of funds raised.  We can only hope.

A few weeks back, Steam updated the copy of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition so that you no longer have to log in through the Windows LIVE client, but at the same time, there was the chance that it reset all of your previously save data and achievements.  I say "chance" because there were multiple notices about how to recover your game information, even after you start the game up, you are given the option to recover your previous saves.  I chose not to because I had not finished the game yet and thought, "Why not?"  Playing all over again got me thinking again about the things that I did not like about this game and that even on easy/rookie difficulty, I know that I won't be trying anything harder, if I even get around to finishing the absurdly long levels that make up the game.

Rather than end today with a slightly negative paragraph, I will say that the Nintendo eShop game Witch and Hero, which I'll be covering on Friday has been a lot of fun to play.  It's a mix of Dragon Warrior era graphics and music with a game mechanic that I have not seen before.  If you are at all interested, do not be dissuaded by almost every review I've seen (which are mostly negative) and please patiently wait for Friday.  All will be revealed.


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