Saturday, April 5, 2014

Is it April Already?

Hey there peeps.  Peeps jokes will be more common this month because of Easter coming up.  I actually forgot all about Easter - several times - but then I would walk into some chain store, and it all came back.  Oh... right... pink, yellow, blue.  Bunnies, what's with the bunnies?  Oh... Right, Easter.  

I guess that tells you a little about me.  Namely, I'm not particularly into Holidays.  But I don't think that's entirely the case.  Holidays are just one of those things that I'm either really into, or completely indifferent to.  They can be fun, under the right circumstances, but generally I find them mildly irritating.  Mostly, I think, because my reminders about the holidays always come from commercial establishments trying to sell me something.  

I prefer simply to ignore holidays if I'm not celebrating them.  That said, I usually pay attention to the solstices and equinoxes.  I just like to know when it's actually spring and it's actually winter.  The amount of daylight and the outside temperature matter to me.  Spring happened just a couple weeks ago, and to celebrate, I went up to the cold and dreary Northwest!

Haha, it's not just cold and dreary.  It's actually really pretty, and I had a ton of fun farting around town with Jaconian and Conklederp.  We talked Music Therapy, we had delicious breakfasts and we watched a show called Vikings on the History channel, which I am now hooked on.  It's a great show you guys!  Great period costuming and cool politics and religion and also tons of sweet battles.  None of that power-rangers-style ballet dance choreography that's so popular these days either.  Just dirty men chopping each other to bits.  We watch 7 episodes of the first season, and now I've got to find a way to watch the rest on my own.  Turns out episodes air on the History Channel's website, but I'm not sure when.

Gods will be watching.  Check it out!

In other news, there are way too many video games out there.  Did you know, I haven't even played Papers, Please yet?  I own a copy, I just haven't played it.  I feel like such a chump.  While Zelda Classic may be the greatest thing in the world, I don't want to lose all track of other games.  

For example, this game I've been meaning to check out, but can't be bothered- so maybe you could take a look and tell me what you think?  Gods Will be Watching is a game about trying to survive a plane crash for forty days.  Isn't that a cool idea for a game?  Plus it uses a cool pixely long armed design that makes me think of Sword and Sworcery EP. 

Okay, well, I should be looking for a job right now.  So I'll talk you you all later!


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