Monday, November 25, 2013

Where I've Been And What I Signed

I didn't make a post last Friday (11/22/2013) because I was doing something that I said I would not talk about.  As in LEGALLY cannot talk about.  There were a lot of words in a Non-Disclosure Agreement that I electronically signed, which is a legit/legal form of binding.  I also cannot say whom I was with as I think that would violate said NDA.  That being said, or not, I did the thing and now we're here, back in the real world.  Come to think of it, I should also be receiving something else unrelated in the mail that I said I wouldn't discuss or talk about and I sort of signed an NDA of sorts, so I won't be talking about that either.

So what do I talk about on this glorious of Mondays before myself and the rest of the civilized Western god fearing world gives thanks for this plentiful land?!

Well, the Xbox One came out. . . at some point.  Friday?  It's pretty much the same situation that I typed about last week regarding the PS4.

What is it then that I can talk about?

Well (2x this post), there's this guy that I found out about through one of the few facebook ads  that I came across about 7-8 months back (I think it was from a facebook ad?, or maybe it was through Drunken Moogle?) that was relevant to me.  It was a guy (and his cat) who goes by the moniker Smooth McGroove.  He does acapella covers of video game music, all with himself (and occasionally his cat) in multiple frames with footage of the game in the center.  Like this:

He'lll post videos every so often.  Frequently enough that you wonder how long a session/song takes.  Regardless of those thoughts, the videos are pretty fun to watch.  That's the key though for me, the watching.  I've tried a couple of times to just "listen" to the songs without watching the video and they kind of loose their charm/appeal.  I start to feel like I'm listening to actual video game music and not someone singing acapella.  Which I guess is a testament to his abilities, but that's not always what I'm looking for.  One thing that I really like about Mr. McGroove, is that he doesn't do only the traditional covers you see video game cover bands do, such as "Bloody Tears" or "World Theme from Super Mario Bros."  Sure he does do those too, but he has also covered possibly less familiar songs such as the theme from Lavender Town from the first Pokemon and "Corridors of Time" from Chrono Trigger.  In short, the guy is good.

Happy Monday.


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