Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Monthly Update for October

Lately I've been watching sci fi and horror.  Playing lots of games.  And installing all of those steam games I hadn't gotten round too.  I bought a new laptop on ebay.  A Sony Vaio.  It is working pretty well so far.  Only game that won't play is worms: armaggeddon.  poo.

So, since I'm going to Austin, Tx for a month, I figured I should listen to the Rooster Teeth podcast.  Unfortunately, I found it kind of hard to get into.  It was just so chaotic and random.  It seemed like nice background noise, but not something to pay attention to.  Granted, Gus wasn't on the episode I listened to, and that guy's awesome.  Oh, crap, it looks like Geoff probably wasn't there either.

I've been watching random sci fi and horror movies lately.  I watched Troll, because I had to clarify some memories of it.  It was not as scary as I remember.  And the overall quality is... well, lacking.  However, it was strange; there is a very gruesome scene at the beginning involving someone violently turning into a plant-food-pod-thing.  But the rest of the movie was easily a PG rated kids movie.  More trivia about this movie:  There are characters named Harry Potter Jr. and Sr.  Julia Louis Dreyfus is in it.  And the little guy who played the lead troll also plays a human character, and he is treated well by the script and acts very well.

Just watched 'Night of the Creeps' last night.  Another 80s horror.  Pretty great.  I guess a recent movie:  Slither was based on it . I haven't seen that one, but it has Nathan Fillion in it and comes recommended.  But I'm going to talk about Night of the Creeps, 'cause that's the one I watched.

I tell you, I'm experiencing an 80s renaissance.  Clearly, they're not all good movies, as demonstrated by Troll.  But there are some great things.  The pacing in 80s movies is always slower.  And it seems like there's less shock value items.  Not that there isn't shock moments, there's just a lot of time between them.  Generally the characters seem to be strong in 80s movies.  While the main character in Night of the Creeps is really wimpy, his counterpart is really sassy and a lot of fun.  The detective is way over the top, and fun.  In general, it's a fun horror movie.

I'm tempted to check out others I haven't seen, like Hellraiser II, Candyman, the Phantasm and many many others.  But my sister in Austin really isn't into horror movies, so it will likely not be a horror movie October.  Unless I watch them in my room after hours with headphones, which I still may do.  I'm also thinking I may play:  Deadspace, Silent Hill and Slender.  Maybe finish that last episode of the Chzo mythos.  We'll see, I don't know what it will be like in Austin, but I will be taking this little laptop with me.

End random update.


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