Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lone Star and Barf

Howdy Y'all,  I'm writing these days from the great state of Texas.  The Lone Star State.  Keep Austin Weird.   Don't Mess With Texas is the motto of the state department of transportation.  The idea was a campaign to prevent littering.  But now people use it to puff up their chests.  

What am I doing here?  So far a lot of yardwork and housework.  I'm sleeping on the couch of a little two bedroom house, one of which is under construction.  And I'm working to earn my keep.  I haven't been here long, and I'm still getting established.  I'm saying this by way of excuse for why I'm not writing much lately.  I'll get my feet eventually.  Just today I wrote two pages on a wacked out dream I had, and yesterday I wrote three pages on how cool crowbars are.  They're really cool, everybody.  

Austin is a really cool town.  There are so many bike paths that I can avoid car traffic pretty effectively, and I feel very safe riding my bike.  It's also really big.  I'm a 40 minute ride from downtown, yikes!  And it takes at least 15 minutes to get to any commercial establishment.  Everything is bigger in Texas, I guess :P

But in general Austin is great.  Not much different from other college towns I've been in, except for all the Texas flags everywhere.  Not as many accents as I expected.  In fact, if this place weren't surrounded for miles and miles by Texas, I'd love to live here.  But... yeah..  the Texas thing... 

Also, I got lucky and missed the heat.  When I was here in July of last year, it was over a hundred degrees every day for a week.  And that was not a heat wave, that was just normal.  

Okay, this is just a spit of a post.  Adios, Amigos!



  1. I heard there was flash flooding in Austin due to something like a foot of rain in under 24 hours. Hope y'all're safe there. I also have no concept of how large Austin is or where the flooding is occurring.

  2. Wow, you heard about that? There was definitely a ton of rain. Probably as much as Northern California gets in a year. And the Austin City Limits festival was rained out, which made me laugh because I didn't have tickets :P :)

    But no, I'm fine, the river is dammed right near where I am, so it general runs at a trickle and has plenty of room for growth. I'd like to check it out today. Maybe I will.