Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Link Post

Time for another link post!  Originally I had this tagged to the back of the TMNT Emulator Hour, but then I thought it was better not to mix the link post with the TMNT post.  Almost no connection between the two. Except that James Nintendo Nerd reviewed TMNT- to which I have linked.  I'm sure many of you have already been to these sites, but I still think it's nice to have them in one place with pretty pictures.  Today's theme is:  Game Reviews.  

Many thanks for image to:
This is a popular series about a guy playing NES games and hating most of them.  He also likes to use really filthy language in his descriptions.  If you like NES and filthy language, you'll probably like this series.  To get you started, here's a link to his review of TMNT for NES.   He covers a lot of the same points I mention.

Wil Wheaton is back, with a clever idea and entertaining dialogue.   Tabletop is the premier place to find out about card games and board games.  It's pretty funny too.  Good going Mr. Crusher! 

Yahtzee's game reviews.  This guy cracks me up.  This series has some of the best image-to-dialogue timing and content I've ever seen.  And of course, plenty of filthy language, but with a British ex-pat twist.  I recommend starting from the earlier shows, when his style was still fresh.  On an related note, I just started playing 6 Days a Sacrifice, the last in the Chzo Mythos.

For a kinder, gentler approach to game reviews, RockLeeSmile's Indie Impressions is a series of videos focusing on Independent games.  The video collection is exhaustive, and the viewpoint can be a refreshing alternative to the vulgar negativity of Yahtzee or JamesNintendoNerd.  RockLeeSmile seems to have a genuine interest in promoting Independent games on a whole.    

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  1. Double the kudos for Wil Weaton's TableTop show on the Geek & Sundry channel.

    I may not watch the Angry Nerd, mainly because I'm not a fan of people talking over game play footage, unless it's an instructional video and even then, they need to be damn informative in what they're talking about that I can't see on screen.

    I will give Zero Productions and Indie Impressions a go though.