Friday, February 15, 2013

First Impressions: Munchkin Apocalypse

Most recently to enter the World of Muchkin's ranks is Munchkin Apocalypse, which is the thirteenth iteration of  the classic Muchkin game.  This game was released back in late fall 2012 so it's had about six months of life so far.  Munchkin Apocalypse though uses nearly every satirical apocalyptic event and creature as cards in this game, from a Zombie Plague, to an Earthquake and a level 14 Huge Hyperintelligent Shark.  The game comes packed with 168 cards (92 Door and 76 Treasure), 12 Seal cards (which I'll get to in a moment) and an orange and green Munchkin die.  Oh, and a rule sheet.

The new variations to Munchkin Apocalypse are to the classes and there are no race cards, although there very well could be race cards such as "Mutant," "Human," "Zombie" or "Alien" in a future expansion.  Like any variation of Munchkin, there are curse-type cards which have been relabeled as "Disaster" cards, weapons and gear that everyone can equip and certain pieces that only the Scientist, Blogger, Militia or Kid class cards may be able to use.

What stands Munchkin Apocalypse apart from other base Munchkin sets is the inclusion of the Seal cards.  Yes, there is a drawing of a mammal seal that is part of the seal. . . seal.  Seal cards are similar to the Dungeon and Crypt cards in traditional Munchkin and Munchkin Cthulhu.  Whenever any card says to open a "Seal," you turn over one of the twelve cards and do what it says.  There's usually an effect that happens to the person who opens the Seal such as "The highest-Level player(s) go down a level."  Then there are continuing effects ("The highest-Level player(s) have a -3 penalty in combat.") as long as that one Seal is still on top of the Seal deck.  The continuing effects are only in effect as long as the card is on top of the Seal cards in play.

Seal cards can be "closed" which our group took to mean that they are placed back in the Seal deck.  The catch though with the Seal deck is that once the seventh Seal card is turned (by seventh, we took to mean, the seventh Seal opened and "in play," not counting the Seals that were closed), the game ends.  Then the person with the highest combat bonus with only the equipped cards they had in play, wins.  Levels do not count.  With the Seals though, hypothetically, a person at level one could win if they're equipped up the ass and just haven't turned over any monster cards, which happens at least once every game.

With all that in mind, the Seals added a new stratagem to how our usual Munchkin group (Conklederp, Coolman, Geroge I Am and one other person) played, which is usually let people progress without issue until about level seven or eight then people start backstabbing.  George I Am ended up winning after the seventh Seal was opened as she had a combat bonus of +21.  The game lasted just over an hour, which is pretty standard and we skipped a second game so that we could bottle some cider and maple wine.  Yes, we're those kinds of people.

In closing, I would recommend Munchkin Apocalypse to someone who's never played Munchkin before or for someone who is looking for another fun variation on the traditional Munchkin game.  You're not getting an entirely new and original game with all new rules, just a brand new repackaging of a fun and addicting game.  So yes, you should go out and buy it, or find someone else who already has.

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