Saturday, November 17, 2012

impressions from gaming coop #4: Miscellaneous

I didn't play every cabinet extensively.  So I'm going to list the remaining games I played without their cabinets you can find further references by going to the Gaming Co-op's Arcade Page.  You can find my other reviews of the Cooperative Gaming Co-op here, here and here.  

This game was fun.  I was actually able to play it solo, while controlling two players independently.  I enjoyed the flying controls very much.  An interesting thing about this game is that it was commissioned for the Oakland Occupy movement.  The cabinet was attached to a portable rig with a generator and brought to the protest site.  Check out this article on Wired.  And look at this, an article on PBS as well!

I really liked this game.  It jumps right to the point.  The game play resembles that of a shooter, but you don't shoot, you just dodge.  The different bullet-patterns from the enemy squares are really interesting, and my adrenaline spiked within two minutes of playing this game.  

  • Zepplin Jump Funnily by Gavin Higham and Glen Pham

This game was very silly.  The controls were really loose, but I enjoyed the co-operative elements.  

This game is essentially a low-budget super-meat boy.  Pretty fun to play, and the confetti effect during the deaths is definitely enough reason to check it out.  

  • A Slower Speed of Light by Spectrip

This game had a really neat concept, unfortunately the execution was pretty much terrible.  The idea is that you collect little orbs which slow down the speed of light, and the visuals change based on the new wavelengths of light vs how fast you travel.  Pretty damned cool, but it controlled like complete shit.  Sliding around everywhere like it was an ice-level on a platformer.  I'd love to play it again if the controls were to be tweaked.

Only one cabinet left:  the Winnitron.  The Winnitron is a really cool concept, dedicated to Arcade game and Indie games.  

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