Saturday, November 3, 2012

Impressions from Game co-op #2: SPORTS! by Sarah Brin

(I want to make a quick note that, as I continue to write these posts about the cooperative gaming coop, my sense of the irony grows.  That I am reviewing it after-the-fact is a little disturbing.  Today, I searched for "ARCADE - curated by Zach Gage" and our blog came up before the actual gaming coop blog.  I don't understand how that happened.  Anyhow, I'll talk to John about it when I see him next, which I think will be this weekend.  In the meantime, check out this interview with John about the Arcade)

Oh man, this game was fun!  I think it's four-players too.  This game plays kind of like Smash Bros, except the goal is to get the Bari Ball into your opponents goal, which is represented as an orange or green pool on either side of the screen.  You can also drown in this pool and have to re-pop, losing valuable Ball-carrying time.  You can hit the ball, or carry it and throw it.  You can also hit your opponent.  And you can air jump up to six times.  The jumps will refill when you rest.  I had a blast and definitely hope I haven't seen the last of BaraBari Ball!
If this game piques your interest, take a look at this link:  How to play BaraBariBall

  • QWOP by Bennett Foddy, 2008
QWOP is ridiculous.  And slightly, frustratingly, addictive.  I just know I can do it.  Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! Okay, one more try!  Okay, wait a second.  Just go play QWOP for a minute.  I'll wait here....

Fucking QWOP, progenitor of a thousand memes!  The idea behind QWOP is that you control your runners legs using the QWOP keys, controlling the thighs and calves independently.  But... it doesn't really work right.  Have --fun? 

Hokra is a game I didn't get to play too much.  It was properly for four players, so my experience was limited, but it was pretty neat and I'd love to try a proper game.  It's all pixely, minimalist and you move your little square players and your little pixel ball into a goal-zone, where it racks up points based on time.  But your opponents want to do the same, so you chase after the ball and kick and pass and have a good time.  Here's hoping for another chance to play Hokra!

Tennnes is a fun, minimalist tennis game.  The controls were tight, which is an excellent thing since the graphics were so danged simple.  If you like video tennis games, then I recommend this one.  It was fun to play.  I didn't get to play for very long, but I felt like the fundamentals were strong enough to provide for hours of good times. 

Summary: All in all, SPORTS was a great cabinet.  Three out of Four games were really fun multiplayer games.  This cabinet would be great to have at party.  Even QWOP is good for a laugh, at the least. 

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