Friday, September 21, 2012

Humble Indie Bundle part VI (III in the US?)

First off, appologies for not posting anything on Monday the 17th.  Conklederp, Dr. Potts and some other friends were away during the weekend, I needed time to recover and I didn't have anything set up to post on Monday after we got back.  I will be covering that all in my next post on Monday.  

But this post is about:

That's right, there's another Humble Indie Bundle out there.  This one was released about two and-a-half days ago and the sale ends in 11 days, or on October 2nd, 2012 at 4pm PST.  When I first looked at the page (post receiving the email that announced it's birth), there were over 120,000 purchases.  Currently there are 193,590 purchases of six games and five soundtracks.  The set up for this bundle is pretty much identical to the previous bundle and my post today will be very similar except that the games that I still don't know much of anything about, will be different than the previous games that I didn't really know anything about.  So there's that.  Except that I have heard of Torchlight, but I don't know anything about the game except that it exists.  Does this lack of information make me a bad gamer?  Nope!  It just makes me an uninformed one, but I'll be less of one by the end of this post.

So onto the games!

You know what, I just recommend going to the Bundle website and checking out the compilation trailer that they've set up for people like me to watch who don't know anything about any of the games.  And really, that's one of the things that I love about the HIB's (is that a thing?), that I've never heard of many of the games, and probably wouldn't've (that is a thing, J.K. Rowling does it) heard of these games if they weren't part of the HIB (it's now a thing).

But, before I leave, I feel like I need to have the obligatory "make you feel guilty for only wanting to pay $1 for five games and five soundtracks."

Rochard w/ Soundtrack:    $14.99
Shatter w/ Soundtrack:      $11.49
S.P.A.Z.:                                $09.99
Torchlight:                           $14.99
Vessel:                                   $14.99
Dustforce w/ Soundtrack:  $12.99

And you can't even buy the S.P.A.Z. or Torchlight soundtracks on their own, so let's call those ones "rare" and maybe put them at $8-10 a piece (which is a steal for video game soundtracks, which I've spent upwards of $30 in the past for a 3 CD set).

Total Cost:  ~$95.44

Anyway, the point being, don't be a douche (used or otherwise) and pay more than $1 for these games, if you're into that sort of thing anyway.  And if you want Dustforce with it's soundtrack, you'll have to fork out a whopping $5.80.  And keep in mind that you can decide how much of your purchase price goes to the people at Humblebundle, the game developers and the Child's Play Charity.  That's all on you.

The Bells Are Getting Louder

P.S.  And if past experiences hold true for this HIB as well, there might be an extra game tagged on sometime after the first week.  And even if you already bought the Bundle, you'll still get the extra download code.  So the only other reason to wait is because payday is on Monday and you want to feel less guilty about buying five more video games.


  1. I'd just like to say that I received an email this evening stating that 4 more games AND the soundtracks to those games! The games and soundtracks are: BIT.TRIP.RUNNER, Gratuitous Space Battles, Jamestown and Wizorb. Now, I already have the first three games from previous HIB's but for the additional game AND the BTR soundtrack, definitely worth whatever I'm going to put down for it.

    This guy's excited!!

  2. BTR Soundtrack, Woo! I wonder if it will sound like playing the game with a perfect run? I'ma find out!