Monday, September 22, 2014

Rambling In The Name Of

I had an interesting week last week, and by interesting, I mean that it will be not at all interesting for you, the reader.  So needless to say, which is why it is needed to be said, I will not be winning any Pulitzers for this one particular article.

First off, this happened to my computer screen last Thursday.  This is not only why steak knives and computer screens should not be friends, but also a lesson in the activities of stretch/yawning while moving toward a spinning ceiling fan.  As is the slogan of Nike in one of many alternate universes goes:

The other non-interesting aspect for you of my last week was that I was indoctrinated into Path of Exile.  I've known about this game for some time, in that it was a Diablo-type clone that was a lot of fun to play and that it was free-to-play.  For whatever reason, those two descriptors together made me wary about trying the game.  Then I noticed Chreekat playing it a lot while I was learning the ropes of DOTA2 and thought I would give it a try.  17 hours later (after figuring out why it wouldn't initially download the first five times I had tried), I've fallen in love with this game.  The character choice is plentiful, the artwork and world design is beautiful, the music is semi-atmospheric-eh, and the skill tree, holy damn the skill tree!

This is maybe just a quarter of the skill tree too.  All these tiny lines and dots were a little overwhelming when I first started, but now I feel that this tree will be manageable.  Did I mention the game is free?  I gladly would have paid money to play this (having played the game now) and the moment I have a steady income again, these fine folks will be receiving a bit of mine.  Oh, and presently, I have not experienced anything that leads me to believe that I have to pay money in order to progress through the game and I am not inundated with adds or special offers for glowing glitter eyes.

I've also just finished Flashforward by Robert J. Sawyer, the book in the Summer Reading BINGO, and so now it is onto a book "With a number in the title."  Time to go look through the book case or peruse what free titles I already have on the ol' Kindle.  That is, unless I plan on reading something by Janet Evanovich, but that'd be an easy out and I have no real interest in Evanovich.  The search begins.

Returning to the world of games, Salty Liver and her newly acquired husband gave Conklederp and myself, for our own nigh-approaching wedding, the Mansions of Madness board game.  I am excited to play this game, which I will get into in a later post, but for now, looking through all the materials will have to make do.

Apologies for this less than stellar submission to the Nobel Prize for Literature, but then again, we all can't be Steinbecks.  Or Kings.  Or Revertes.  Or Tolkeins.  Or Pratchetts.  Or Lovecrafts.  Or Crichtons.  Or Adams'.  Or Machens.  Or Poes.  Or Dumas'.  Now Shakespeares, those're one a dozen.

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  1. I must say - that is the most beautiful skill tree I've ever seen.