Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nine days into June, and I'm posting again

Whelp, I've been busy lately, 

I'm going to take a moment to comment on the various things Jaquonian said in his previous post. Just 'cause. And I'm going to do it in reverse order.

Firstly, I guess I'm okay with Evangeline Lilly, until further notice. It makes sense that they'd want to have a character with a name who is an elf, given that in the Hobbit Book, the Mirkwood elves don't really have any distinguishing characters. It's kind of like how they expanded Haldir's character in LOTR.  Also, it makes sense that she'd be female, because there is a serious lack of female characters in Middle Earth.  

Personally, the thing I didn't like about the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was how bloody long it was. Granted, I expected it to be long when it was first announced, but I don't see the point now that it's been broken into three films. In addition, it felt much longer because of the directors insistence on regular 'edge of your seat' chase scenes. Over and over again, the characters were literally - and I do mean literally -  hanging from cliffs. It just made for a stressful viewing experience, especially for a movie based on a book that I find rather relaxing.  

I'm prepared to forgive non-canon moves, but when they contribute to an already over-long and stressful movie experience, then I'm not happy.  That said, I'm excited to see the Mirkwood scenes, and for god sake, SMAUG!  I mean... I have some pretty high expectations for that guy.   Benedict Cumberbatch is pretty awesome in Sherlock, and was great in Star Trek II.  Quick aside:  Star Trek II was not as good as Star Trek 1, though not particularly bad - just not particularly good.  It also suffered from the 'roller coaster ride' effect, like the Hobbit.  I guess that's just how it's done now.  I could have used much more dialogue from Cumberbatch. 

Topic Jump!

In retrospect, I wish I'd paid more attention to that first Humble Weekly Bundle.  Walking Dead has gotten great reviews, and I think it's mostly a point and click adventure.  And, what the hell, maybe Back to the Future is good too.  I think point and click is right about my speed these days, given I'm 30 going on 60.  Just kidding, but yeah, getting older sucks, especially the part where you have to work all day.  

As another aside,  my life has felt a bit like this scene from Ghostbusters.  "Dogs and Cats, living together!"

Bummer about Shadow of the Eternals.  However, their message does seem very hopeful, so even if they couldn't come up with the cash, maybe this will continue to lead to good things.  


I'll leave you with a link:  Good old Games.  This is yet another digital gaming store.  The focus here is on retro PC gaming.  This is a pretty deep well for me, seeing as my years up until recently have been spent console gaming.  I'm particularly interested in giving a game called 'Planescape: Torment' a try.  

And you know, while I'm at it, here's another retro gaming link, Racketboy.  It's a really well designed retro site, where you can find great images, and well organized topics, and articles on a very extensive selection of gaming systems.   Except... so far, I haven't really enjoyed the writing.  I guess you can't have everything.  Check it out when you're in a retro mood. 

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