Monday, April 29, 2013

Even In The Miiverse, I'm Still Self Conscious.

The two middle weekends April, I did a lot of travelling.  And by "a lot," I mean that I've flown and driven 3,200 miles while visiting California twice and driving the length of the state.  That's a lot for me considering I haven't been back to California since mid June 2012, which according to some people is a long time to be away from where I spent the first 31 years of my life.  It's not that travelling is not my strong suite or my pint of stout, it's just that I'm not able to take a lot of time off from work.  To note, I'm also lucky enough to only have to drive less than three miles to get to work.


Before taking my trips, I knew that I was going to take my 3DS with me.  I figured that over those two weeks, I would be passing through three airports, one university (two days worth) and 1,000 miles of rest stops along Interstate I-5.  I saw it as 3DS Mii Streetpass gold!  My next thought was, "What game should I play a lot of so that when my Mii gets Streetpassed, that game will show up being held by my Mii in the other person's Mii Plaza?"

That was a serious question.  I've ran across a number of Mii's where the person has been "recently playing" an application such as Nintendo Video or the Activity Log.  When someone comes across my Mii, I want a game to come up that represents me as a person and a gamer.  Granted, I spend a fair amount of time in the Nintendo eShop or looking at my stats with the Activity Log, but I don't want that to come across when I pass someone else.  I'd rather have something like Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Mega Man 2 or Gunman Clive because those are games that I really enjoy playing.

I'm not sure if I should be ashamed or embarrassed that I put so much thought into what some random strangers virtual pseudo perception of the kind of person that you 1) Probably will never meet in person and 2) May never run into again, especially travelling up I-5.    Dr. Potts brought up a great point, in that putting time into how people saw me would be like spending time doing my hair (if I ever did more than just brush my hair each morning) or putting in serious thought into picking out what clothes to wear.  While I was in Davis for Picnic Day though, I did run into a couple of people multiple times.  Now, it would be cool to see a history of the different games that a person has been playing, but only the most recent game they've been playing is visible.

So during my two excursions down to California, I did manage to come across 25 other Miis and of those 25, only seven had an application (Swapnote, eShop, 3DS Camera) as their most recent game in lieu of an actual game.  Do I have some negative or altered view of that person because of what their Mii is carrying?  And if I don't care what another Mii is carrying, why should I put so much thought and concern as to how other people see Mii?

Although to note, I don't always put so much thought every time I take my 3DS out when I go to the grocery store (some guy at Fred Meyer's always has his) or when I go out with Conklederp to a food pod.  So I don't know what this says about me and maybe I'll just leave it up to someone who is proficient in psychoanalysis to make the final determination.

Going Down Towards The Deadend

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