Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This Just Happened.

I know this isn't the day that I "officially" put up posts, but seriously, this just happened.

I recently came back from Gamestop (recently as in the last hour, but before I stopped at Fred Meyer to buy a busket of cat food).  I don't go to Gamestop very often as their frequently inflated prices on both used and new games is very much a deterrent.  Sometimes though, they'll have a used game (no this is not a post about the "evils" of used game purchases, which I don't subscribe to) that you can't find new anymore for any particular reason (too old, limited release, game was crapped on by Game Informer and Metacritic).  

The point is, I was finally able to track down a used copy of SEGA's Infinite Space for the DS.  Yes, I could buy a new copy off, but not for fucking $77.  I had a $25 gift card from doing online surveys.  So I went to Gamestop, picked up Infinite Space and Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, because a used copy was only $12.  Turns out with the two games I only owed 18¢ after using the gift card.

So now the point of this special edition post:  I know have more games for the DS than I have for any other console system I've had.  I owned maybe 16-20 games on the  SNES, 18 on the Gamecube, maybe another 15 or so on the N64, but I've just passed 32 on the DS.  I'm going to need to buy another game case, and really, these are the best DS game cases I've ever come across.  

That's all I wanted to say.

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  1. 1: that DS cartridge holder thing is really cool, on behalf of all of us, thanks for the link!
    2: How many Steam games do you have (But those don't count in the same way. And I can't tell you how many I have, since I"m at work, and I shouldn't be doing this anyway)
    3: yeah, I should just wait until I'm home and I can visit links and not look over my shoulder.

    1. I specifically said "console" because I knew that I have more PC games that I run through Steam. Something like 40 individual games.

      And as far as the game cases go, it looks like the the standard DS cases from Hori are now incredibly hard to find/buy. The 3DS cases though are backwards compatible, as I just found out through experimentation, so that's incredibly useful information.

  2. How many do the 3DS cases hold? Are you bundling 3DS games with regular DS games?

    Also, I never actually visited the link, because I was at work. I was thinking of the 3DS cartridge holder that you showed me. With the NES theme.

  3. It looks like most of the 3DS cases hold 24 games. The cases I linked to are more like the DS games cases I have in that they have "pages" that the games clasp into. And no, I wasn't bundling the 3DS games with the standard DS ones.

    And I think I came to the realization about having more DS games than previous systems, it was just the fact that I filled two games cases that made me think "Woah shit that's a lot of games."