Monday, July 30, 2012

Game Scores: Batman (NES)

I first played Batman on the original Nintendo Entertainment System sometime during the summer of 1990, courtesy of my Grandmother renting the game for me (I was 10 at the time).  I managed to make my way through a good portion of the game, and after looking at youtube videos that didn't have annoying commentary, I figured out I made it to somewhere in the 3rd Stage.  I never beat the game but could say that it was a fun game and somewhat difficult.

A couple of years ago, probably around autumn 2010, I managed to get a hold of the "score" for Batman.  Holy damn that game had some great music in it.  And to back up my statement, here're two citations:


Since the score to Batman, composed by Naoki Kodaka and Noboyuki Hara, was never released in a soundtrack form, I hadn't heard any of this music in nearly 20 years.  Remember, this was 1990, when the only video game soundtracks being released were in Japan and were most likely associated with either the Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy franchise.  So when I went looking for NES soundtracks from games I remember liking, I was very happy to find out that the score to Sunsoft's Batman was pretty damn good.

So, if you like what you hear, and have interest in listening to the entire score again, it's available from any number of sites, but McAfee SiteAdvisor tells me that PlayTheNES is a safe site to visit and download the soundtrack.  And don't feel at all guilty about downloading this score as it was never released on it's own and the only other "official" way would be to have an NES and a copy of the game to play, which I wouldn't mind doing myself either if my TV weren't so damn "new" and could accept/interpret the older NES/SNES and N64 signals.

This post will probably/hopefully be the first in a line of posts where I talk about and bring up soundtracks from older consoles that did not receive a proper score/soundtrack release.  Until next time then.

Doo-Doo-Dee-Doo, Doo-Dee-Doo-Bee-Doo-Boo-Doo-Doo-Doop!

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